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8 Week Gut Restore Program

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Do you have low energy and feel fatigued on a daily basis??

Do you have irregular bowel movements, pain and discomfort in your abdomen??

Are you experiencing heartburn or indigestion??

Are you unsure about what foods are causing your mood, energy, and digestive issues??

I'm here to help!

Working together one-on-one, you will get personalized support to pinpoint exactly which foods are bothersome and causing your issues.

You will begin to feel confident in your food choices and ultimately live pain free!

What's Included?

  • 1 hour initial consultation (value $125) to go over your forms and formulate a plan

  • An individualized meal plan & list of food/recipes

  • 20% lifetime discount on suggested high grade supplements

  • Goal setting, motivation & accountability

  • 3x 30 Min check in / follow up calls via in person, phone call or zoom

  • All research on your health issue provided with trusted link sources

  • Your own private client portal 

  • 45 minute Reiki healing session (value $75) → more info here

  • Gut directed meditations


$995 CAD

Please contact me if you have any questions before getting started, or click the button below to book your FREE 20 minute discovery call!

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